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Providing better care for the hearts of the unborn, babies, and children using expert clinicians, proven methods, professional collaboration and advanced technologies.

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Genus Heart is a fetal and pediatric cardiology practice that is dedicated to the best heart care for expectant mothers, babies and children, leading to better outcomes in birth and in life.

Genus Heart Center: A Fetal & Pediatric Cardiology Practice

Directed by Dr. Ernerio T. Alboliras and staffed by experienced pediatric cardiologists, nurse practitioners and pediatric and fetal cardiac sonographers. Genus Heart Center has the objective of detecting fetal, postnatal and childhood cardiac problems expediently so that proper management or intervention can be immediately given. Genus heart will be working alongside Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists, Obstetricians, Pediatricians, and Family Practice Physicians in co-managing potential cardiac defects, cardiovascular system abnormalities, and rhythm disturbances. Our echocardiography services will be maximally utilized for the most optimal plans for care. Genus Heart Center can be trusted by parents and providers through assurance of referral to services that provide the best cardiac surgery, neonatal care and care by other surgical and medical sub-specialties, all with the ultimate goal of achieving a successful outcomes.

“Caring for children’s hearts is our sole focus.”
Dr. Ernerio Alboliras
Fetal & Pediatric Cardiologist

What We Do Best
From fetal and children’s heart care, to advanced echocardiology and ECG interpretations, we know how to provide the best service. we offer the best family-centered care for the unborn, neonate and older children suspected or diagnosed to have a cardiac disease. We utilize technology, including advanced echocardiography, in providing the most exacting diagnosis needed for appropriate management or therapy.

Fetal Cardiology

Our fetal cardiology service focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis and management of at-risk pregnancies with potential fetal structural heart defects and rhythm disturbances. We work closely with maternal-fetal medicine sub-specialists (perinatologist), obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons, and other sub-specialists required for specific fetal problems. This will ensure the highest quality of care for your unborn child. As an independent cardiac care provider, we have the ability to collaborate with the best specialists in the country to meet the baby’s needs, allowing for the best chance of hurdling this challenge to the child’s life.

Pediatric Cardiology

Our highly-experienced pediatric cardiologists provide a thorough clinical evaluation and comprehensive diagnostic tools allowing for optimal management of a wide array of childhood congenital and acquired heart diseases. These cardiac diseases can be lifelong requiring continued specialized care. We focus on a family-centered, scientifically-backed treatment plan care, and lifestyle education. Starting in the womb, we assemble the best team to care for your baby’s heart before, during and after birth. We collaborate with Pediatricians and Family Practice Physicians to provide the specialized care required for the child.

Local and Remote Diagnostics

We offer state-of-the-art fetal and pediatric echocardiography performed in our offices by specially trained cardiac sonographers. Our specialized fetal and pediatric cardiologist supervise and interpret these images shortly after the study is completed. These studies can also be performed by our cardiac sonographers at remote lo cations making it possible for distant patients to have the study at a location near them and receive the same quality of service, advice and interpretation they expect from any of our offices. Management plan, including face-to-face visit with the physician, can then be subsequently performed. In addition to echocardiography, local and remote event and Holter monitoring and electrocardiogram can also be performed.

Other Services

Genus Heart Center offers in-patient hospital fetal, neonatal and pediatric cardiology consultations. We perform comprehensive assessments of murmurs, chest pain, fainting or syncope, Kawasaki Disease management, and other acquired conditions with cardiovascular implications. CT, MRI, cardiac catheterization and electrophysiologic testing can be performed at selected hospitals. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to provide the best care for all of your heart needs.

Children’s Heart Care

Genus Heart Center helps coordinate the best plan of care and works with the best team of specialists to address each individual situation.

Referral Forms

We make the process simple by providing a referral form for both pediatric and fetal patients.

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We accept most insurance and provide information on estimated cost of services.

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